Interactive images with “Images Actives”

Images Actives is a free software released under the GNU / GPL licence developed by the «CRDP de l’académie de Versailles ».

This downloadable software allows you to enrich your images by adding information on specific areas of the image.

It is a very handy application, and includes two types of layout:

  • Discovery mode to create an image map commentary.
  • Quiz mode to create an image where just questions appear first and where answers appear in one click.

Pros and cons I discovered:

  • Free and very easy to use. Quick download
  • This type of interaction is specially indicated for pictures with large figures
  • Final layout is customizable, changing background color, frames, legend, etc.
  • Undo is not available. When making a mistake, you need to delete the entire layer and start a new one.
  • By default the export format is swf. Html format is only available for the “Tablette numerique” mode and features are not customizable.
  •  Exporting the file step and error messages are in French.




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