Software tutorials with Wink online

Wink is a freeware screen capture and tutorial-creation program. A couple of years ago I tested the downloadable version, which output file was a flash tutorial. Now, playing around to build a software screencast sample, I came across with the online version (still in Beta) that I decided to test. The output video is published to the web as Html5.

  • This application is a good option for quick tutorials, but it isn’t recommended it for long screencasts. (up to 1000 frames according to this forum thread).
  • Changes are not saved automatically, so I’d suggest you save every amendment after adding callouts and shapes.
  • I found it difficult to deal with fonts size and the cursor icon options, in some frames changes were not saved.
  • Tutorials are not openly published; users get a link to share. In my opinion, adding a page with some public samples would help promoting this application.
  • An update of the callouts would be much appreciated; they have same colours and shapes than the original version launched in 2009.

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