Meet the Team: Articulate challenge #43

After a couple of weeks I had published my third presentation made with A. Storyline in this post; something incredible happened. David Anderson, one of the community managers at Articulate, checked the link of my presentation in a tweet and he found it so inspiring that decided to dedicate one of the weekly challenges to “Meet the team” concept.

The challenge #43 “Interactive org. chart” started last Friday 18th July, and rapidly become one of the most popular challenges of the site. It is the most commented challenge up to now, with almost 30 demos shared, new community members took part, some of them were so inspired that published two or even three examples!. The goal was to design an interactive graphic to introduce an organization’s team members or key players. All of the submissions were very creative, with different styles; it’s been amazing!.

I want to express my gratitude to e-Learning Heroes community, for being so supportive, to the community members who warmly welcome me, and especially to David Anderson, who comes up every week with a different topic, and encourages us to participate and improve our skills by doing our own e-learning examples.

Check out the impressive collection of “Meet the Team” challenge!


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