Three basic layouts for “Meet the Team” examples

I’m so happy to have taken part in the Weekly challenge #43 “Interactive org chart”, that I’d like to contribute with my thoughts of what I learned about this topic.

If we analyse how the info and images were displayed in all the demos shared in the challenge, I think we could recognize three basic layouts:



Team Member photos:

Depending on the number of participants; the options are: group or individual pictures. While the group picture visually gives the appearance of companionship, it is also more static. Individual pictures are easier to arrange within the screen, we can add different transitions and backgrounds.


Individual pictures: Meet Apple’s leadership team by Tim Slade, Meet the Storytellers by Allison Nederveld,Photo Collage by Montse Anderson

Group picture: Team induction by Dianne Hope, Leadership roles by Richard Watson

Org charts:

Traditionally, these diagrams show a degree of linear hierarchy within a company or organization. In this challenge, ten org charts were shared, all great designs, with different styles and sizes.

Examples: Org chart by Jeff Kortenbosch, Org chart by Nicole Legault, Org chart by Louisa Fricker

Location based:

This type of layout focus on people /team location in the physical world. In this challenge, 2D and 3D models were present. 2D models usually include maps or floor plans as background, and 3D models are built as simulations or virtual tours.

2D Examples:Meet your options by Jackie Van Nice, Orchestra by Tracy Parish, How Global are we? by Bruce Graham

3D example:Scenario-based approach by Paul Alders

Once we decide the layout style, we need to think about how we disclose each member’s information.

Some of the interactions used in the examples of this challenge were:

  • Standing out the hierarchal relationship between two members
  • Challenging the learner to find out more, by playing “who is who in this team” game.
  • Using tabs navigation, inserting the image of people on each tab.
  • Adding audio or video files with a message of each member introducing themselves.
  • Grouping the members by colour
  • Adding a silhouette that represents the new member of the team

In conclusion, I’ve learned there are some aspects that might benefit/ constrain the presentation to introduce team members, but being aware of these three basic layouts, it’s simply playing around with the images , adding media files and animation, and having fun!

P.S. I couldn’t mention all the examples. Please check them all in the Recap showcase. Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Three basic layouts for “Meet the Team” examples

  1. This is such an interesting way to look at all of our challenge approaches, Cecilia! I like it very much – and thank you for inspiring the challenge to begin with!

    Hope to see you in many more of them. 🙂

    • Yes, one tweet inspired the most popular challenge in the community, I still can’t believe it! I’m so glad to see this result.Thank you for making it possible.

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