Drag-and-Drop #16: Prepare the Premium Cheese Burger

The weekly challenge #16 “Creating drag-and-drop e-learning interaction” was posted on December last year, but as I’m learning to use Storyline, I thought it would be nice to start from the basics and practice the built-in freeform questions.

The challenge was to show some creative ways to use drag-drop interactions. With some ideas in mind, I finally chose a simple task, like preparing a cheese burger, and started creating the activity in Storyline. The objective of this activity is to drop all the ingredients in the correct order, practicing as many times as necessary.

cheese-burgerOn preview mode it worked fine, but when I published the output file, default Prev/Next buttons appeared on the Review Quiz slide. As I read in this thread this is a common issue, I duplicated both slides, hid the duplicated ones, and linked them, creating a loop, so that the learner doesn’t notice he is swapping from one slide to another.  It’s not the ideal solution, but it works, and I also added a reset button in case any of the items are blocked.

Premium Cheese Burger is a generic name; however, you might find the real burger I used for inspiration, in the menu of the largest chain of fast food restaurants. 😉

Please taste/test it and enjoy!


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