Interactive Screenshots for Online Training

Sometimes updating a software implies getting used to new interface components and functions.  This was the case, for example, of PowerPoint 2010 for those who were migrating from 2003 version. From my experience (and many users’) it was hard to accept the “ribbon interface” the first time I faced it, until I learnt to use it and discovered the advantages over the older version.

Weekly challenge # 26 was about creating Interactive Screenshots for Online training, so taking as a reference my personal experience, I built an example where the learner could compare both versions, switching from the new interface, to the old one he’s used to.

Migrating-from-older-versionIn my demo only four relevant differences were included; there are many improvements I still need to explore!.

I applied the technique of creating a Lightbox effect on slides, explained by Tom in this video. This emphasis effect is very easy to accomplish, and helps the users to focus on one part of the screen.


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