Game Makeover #38: At the Airport Terminal

Checking previous Weekly Challenges, I decided to participate in this one: Steal this e-learning Template.

The objective was to repurpose this template shared by Jackie Van Nice into something of our own.

The Goal

Flying for the first time? We all have queries the first time we’re taking a flight, especially an international one; we are confused about the check-in process and the security controls. So I transformed this Game template into an experience at the Airport Terminal. Users pass through the main areas of Departures while learning Travel tips and Policies.

Click on the image to play the game

The DesignDream_destination-Game

As background images were from different airports, I applied a paintbrush filter to obtain a consistent style across all slides.

The result is an artistic effect, which combines with the main character who is flying to her dream vacation.

Questions were transformed into Drag-and-drop and Pick options, and the Progress meter was replaced by Navigation icons. Most objects are grouped elements made in PowerPoint, and the airplane, well…you might recognize it from the first challenge 😉

Take your seat, relax and enjoy the flight!

Free Bonus: this game is also available in Spanish.



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