Create Pictograms from Cliparts with PowerPoint

This week challenge is about  building custom e-learning characters using pictograms. Pictograms are a simple approach to use for e-learning, because we don’t need graphic skills to build them, it’s just grouping basic geometric shapes.

The emphasis is to customize our characters so they align with an industry. In this case, I decided to form a music band.

How I did it:

  1. After searching some styles at MS Office cliparts, I decided to use Style 533, because they’re very similar to pictograms.
  2. I downloaded some music instruments and workers whose poses could be easily modified as if they were playing a music instrument.
  3. Once persons and instruments were inserted in PowerPoint, I ungrouped the cliparts and removed their backgrounds.
  4. I deleted all unnecessary objects (like tools, flowers, etc.) of every clipart
  5. Changing every body part for similar shapes; the clipart became a pictogram. Then grouped all shapes again.
  6. It is essential to arrange the shapes correctly, sending them back or forward to create the correct pose
  7. I copied the intrument clipart by grouping shapes.
  8. For the final image, I wanted the instruments to stand out, so I combined them with dark red.
  9. Finally I customized the pictograms and adjusted their poses to each instrument.

View it from SlideShare


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