Using Characters in e-Learning: illustrate and engage

After publishing the post about the Types of Characters used in e-learning, I found this topic so interesting, that I decided to go deeper, writing a second part about the roles of the characters used in an online course.

I searched the web and after reading some posts about this topic, I came to the conclusion Characters are commonly used in 6 ways that can be grouped in two categories:

To illustrate the content: Characters are integrated in the content, representing real and abstract concepts, and being part of scenarios and stories.

As social actors: Characters interact directly with the learners, providing guidance and support.

Find more details in this video, which I created with Powtoon.

No matter whether Characters are cartoons, photos , or even live actors, integrating them in a course can add value to the learning experience.


ATD Blog. Avatars in e-Learning by Vanessa Bailey

Learning Solutions Magazine. Animated Characters in e-Learning: the benefits of social roles by Audrey Dalton

E-learningArt Blog: Use conversations to deliver eLearning content by B. Jones

eLearning Industry Articles: 6 tips to create Characters in eLearning by Henson Gawliu

De Vries, J. (2004) Character-Based simulations: What Works. Bersin & Associates

Images used in this video:


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