Drawing with Artweaver: my first digital paintings

When I was a child I took drawing classes for some years and learnt the main drawing and coloring techniques such as using pencils, pastels, watercolors, charcoals, etc. That was a long time ago, it was a hobby I had left behind, but now that I decided to design e-learning, sometimes I struggle to find the right images to illustrate the content.

So I thought it was good getting back to the basics and try to create my own artistic drawings. Nowadays we can easily convert a picture into a drawing applying filters and photo effects. But I think having basic graphic skills allow us to create and customize our own images.

Searching for free a illustration software, I found Artweaver; a full-featured painting tool recommended in various threads of ELH Community.

After having created my first drawings I can really recommend this tool. Artweaver comes with a huge set of predefined brushes, which are very realistic, they reminded me my pencils and brushes and I quickly started sketching and painting as in the old days.

Check some of them in the slideshow below:

It also lets you control layers, create transparent backgrounds, and apply filter effects, so it not only works great for painting, but also for image edition.  Check all the features for the free and paid versions.


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