How U-shaped Valleys are formed?: Show a process with animation and images

Glacial_valley_formationIt’s been a while since I’ve decided to start making my own images and animations. Animations and sequences of images are perfect to show processes; to illustrate changes in time and over space.

I had some notes from the time I taught Geography, and after searching some information on the web, I decided to illustrate the formation of a U-shaped Valley.

Using Artweaver, I drew a valley diagram, and combining layers, I got the different stages of the advance and retreat of a glacier and the resulting U-shaped valley. After exporting all the images; I used them to make a GIF file with GifMaker. There were two specific erosional processes at the base of the glacier, which I considered it was better to represent them separately, so I sketched two simple animations using Animatron.

On NASA’s website, I found amazing photographic files of the retreat of (still) existing glaciers.

Finally, I put all together: information, images and animation, using Storyline.

Download my animation from Wikkimedia Commons

View this project in Spanish: Formación de un Valle Glaciar

Information contained in this demo is based on scientific and educational resources. Below, some of the references I used:

Wikki Books: Glacial erosion and deposition

The Geography Site: Valley Glaciers.

USGS: A glacier carves a U-shaped Valley

Physical Glacial erosion 


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