Educational animations: Classification of River Deltas

“Educational animations are an effective way to create focal points, illustrate complex procedures, and help learners visualize change. Combined with controls like interactive sliders, learners can pause, replay, and control playback speed and direction to assist learning and comprehension.”

So begins ELHChallenge nº76, describing and including in one phrase, the benefits of animations used for educational purposes.

This time, and continuing with themes of Geography, I decided to transform the Diagram which classifies the types of river Deltas, into something more interactive, creating animations to show the evolution of these landforms.After searching the web, I found diagrams of the evolution of Mississippi and Ebro deltas. I used Illustrator to vectorize the images and uploaded them to to create a video. In the case of tide-dominated delta, I didn’t find a concrete example, so I drew the images and followed the same process.


Finally, on a world map, I placed markers for the most representative deltas of each category, and linked them to Google Maps.

Download my animations from Wikkimedia Commons:


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