Step Graphics: 3 basic Yoga poses

Step graphics are interactive explanations that make it easy for learners to sequentially walk through a process, workflow, procedure, or related items. They can be used for all types of learning interactions, from procedural training to interactive storytelling.

The aim of Weekly Challenge nº 36 was to create a step graphic to communicate a process. I started to take Yoga lessons last year, so I was inspired to create a quick guide of Yoga poses for beginners.

There are tons of free videos of yoga, but I needed my own characters showing the pose step by step. At the website, I found good tutorials of the poses I had decided to illustrate. Pausing the videos at every change of position, I took 4-5 screenshots of every sequence. After that, I drew every image in an illustrated style, using Illustrator’s calligraphic brushes. Finally, I created a slide for every pose in Storyline.




Free Safety Icons

Weekly Challenge nº78 is about creating our own icon set to share with the e-learning community. In the recent Challenge, nº73 Design a Cover for an odd title of an eLearning course, I had chosen the theme of Workplace Safety Course. This time, I decided to create the icons for that course, and as I’ve just started using Illustrator; this was a perfect opportunity to practice.

Safety-iconsThe Style

Inspired by this free set of icons from Freepik, I applied the same colors and style to my icons. Except from the Food safety icon, I drew the rest using Illustrator, combining shapes and lines. For the Chemical safety icon, I modified one of the icons I used in the Cover mentioned above.

Feel free to download my Set of Safety icons