Design a Cover for an odd eLearning training title

This week the eLearning Challenge was one of the most popular and funniest ever. The objective of Challenge #73 was to:

  • make up an odd or silly title for an e-learning course
  • design a course cover slide using your silly title

After checking some Training Course’s Titles in various websites, I decided to come up with something related to the Workplace Safety.

Every company should protect employees with safety training courses. No matter if it is a big industry or a small office; these courses must help employees identify potential hazards in their workplace.

The title for the Cover I designed is “Hazard Hunters”, referring to the fact of being alert to detect and prevent different types of hazards. The font I chose for the Title is Stencil Font, commonly used for army-themed texts.ELHChallenge#73-Odd-cover

Most common hazards would be included in this Safety Course, so on this Cover, every category would be represented by an icon and colour.



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